Drugs and Housing is the main resource in the UK for drugs workers and housing agencies. It provides a comprehensive and indispensable set of resources for professionals addressing the dual issues of housing need and substance use.

Drugs and Housing explores and documents issues relevant to agencies working with people with drug and housing issues. The site looks at legal aspects of the work, policy and practice issues, funding strategies, move-on issues and highlights innovation in other projects.

Drugs and Housing is part of the KFx project, and was set up by Kevin Flemen. Much of the content of the site is mirrored on the KFX website at www.kfx.org.uk. As the KFx website had grown, and covered a range of subjects beyond housing, it seemed useful to offer a pared down site dedicated to Drugs and Housing.

Site Updates (Updated 3.11)

21st March 2011: Fully revised version of the Sample Drugs Policy launched. Dowload it here

6th December 2010: Article in Drink and Drug News on the potential impact of benefit and strategic changes for homeless drug users. Read it here

December 2010: The Hostel Opiate Overdose Risk Assessment Tool (HOORAT) has been revised, reformatted and has some expanded explanatory notes. It's been a collaboration between KFx and Homelesslink. HOORAT iv is in the resource section here

November 2010: Joint working with Homelesslink. We are pleased to announce that KFx will be working collaboratively with Homelesslink over the next few months. Details in the News Section

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Any news developments related to Drugs and Housing will be posted here. This includes legislative developments, changes in policy and practice, and relevant media stories.



KFx has been dealing with questions about drugs and housing for several years, and there are a number of recurring questions that crop up. This Frequently Asked Questions list contains standard answers to these questions. Please check the FAQs before contacting us with questions.


A comprehensive database of resources including reports, research, sample drugs policy, briefings, and other essential resources. Key resources from KFx, plus a range of resources from other organisations and links to external documents are included here. If you have any resources in-house that you could contribute, please get in touch. We are especially keen to receive examples of policy documents, and evaluations of provision.

Links to external agencies and partner organisations who have a specific relevance to this area of work. If you are actively involved in drugs and housing work and would like a link included, please get in touch.
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